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Lending FAQs

Q. Do you Charge for your products and services?

Bank Alternative mortgagesĀ  generally incur a fee.

Q. I am an older person can I still raise money?

Yes, Age is of no concern however you should have some equity behind you to raise money.

Q. Can I get out of my Reverse Mortgage?

Yes we have refinanced Senior Equity mortgages in the past.

Q. My credit isn’t that good. Can I still get a reasonably competitive rate?

Yes. Not as competitive as a mainstream bank but very reasonable rates are available, depending of course on your situation.

Q. What is a second mortgage. How expensive are they?

A second mortgage fits behind your first mortgage facility on the title of your property. More expensive, and can be complex.

Q. Can I capitalise my interest on any of your loan advances?

Yes. In the shorter term loan Capitalised interest payments and fees can be arranged.

Q. Can You Arrange New Business Start Up Funding?

Yes. We will need equity to arrange funds

Q. I have a business and need to address a tax debt. Can You assist?

We have assisted many business people over the years.

Q. Can you move quickly if my case is urgent?

Yes. In the shorter term market we can.

Q. Can You supply a mobile Lawyer?

In Auckland. Yes.

How to get your Mortgage Application Started

All You need to get underway.

  1. Type in the basics as per the initial application form below.
  2. A brief phone call to Mike to explain your situation: 0800 998866
  3. An Email handshake will start and complete the process with minimum fuss Email us on: