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Commercial Business Loans

Business Loan Advances for commercial purposes are available for the following applications.


  • Refinancing or purchasing commercial buildings
  • Refinancing residential development projects
  • Taxation debt issues
  • Bridging finance advances
  • Refinancing and cash out for business purposes
  • Capitalised Interest advances

All the above are secured by property.


  • New business concept start up. (Roll out)
  • Joint venture residential developments
  • Commercial building acquisition
  • Mezzanine finance

Loan amounts, terms, and interest rates are treated on a deal by deal basis in all of the above categories. Valuations are essential for all product types. Information memorandums are required to accompany valuations in the Equity product segments.

There is no limit on the amount of funds available for either Debt or Equity funding.

How do I apply : Call Mike 09 523 3865 or 0800 99 88 66


Complete the initial mortgage application form on the mortgage broker homepage.