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About MPA

Mike Parkes: Managing Director

Educated at Mt Albert Grammar School in Auckland. Has a background in middle management and marketing. Worked for international companies such as Kodak New Zealand and Coates Bros NZ as a National Sales Manager representing El duPont deNemours Photopolymer Products. Mike’s CV includes a Certificate of Management from the New Zealand Business School, and international recognition for invention from Montres Rolex Geneva by way of the Rolex Awards Programme: Spirit of Enterprise ( Mike started consulting in the finance industry in August 1999. Mike has become New Zealand’s first and only certified independent mortgage services operator.

Business Statement

MPA is the trading entity of Mike Parkes and Associates Limited. The MPA  concept focuses on a broad brush approach to the arranging funds for all types of clients including Bank , Bank Alternative, and 2nd tier commercial clients.  The theme of “experience” runs through MPA’s ethic. Mike has 16 operational years  in the business, and has the experience and the back up to consider most mortgage scenarios on your behalf, bringing the very best product options for you or your organisation to consider.

Indemnity Insurance: Mike Parkes and his associates all  hold indemnity Insurance policies for an excess of $1million.

Experience: Mike has had 19 years experience in the non bank financial lending sector.

Examinations: Mike Parkes has completed exams, and holds certificates on the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act (

Accreditation: Mike is a member of the PAA (Professional Advisers Association)

Operation: A mortgage broking operation that sources bank alternative funds from a large pool of associate mortgage providers.

Security: Mortgage advances are accepted over residential, rural, commercial, project development and bare land. debt books are also considered.

Fees: Are expressed up front on a Terms of Trade document. This document initiates engagement.

Disputes Resolution Participation Organsation: ISO.

Registration Status : RFA:

How to get your Mortgage Application Started

All You need to get underway.

  1. Type in the basics as per the initial application form below.
  2. A brief phone call to Mike to explain your situation: 0800 998866
  3. An Email handshake will start and complete the process with minimum fuss Email us on: